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Reflecting on our Foodbank

We opened our Foodbank in the church four months ago and have seen a huge increase in its use in a short amount of time.

What has surprised us is the difference in situations with the people that have come to receive their emergency food parcel, all of which have been donated by the kindness of the general public. Not only do those that are on state benefits need extra support, but also those that are on low income and cannot make ends meet.

This is heart breaking to witness, whilst we celebrate the success of one of the functions of the church, we are touched by the lives of the people who we come in to contact with.

What role can and should the church play in the vital lifeline to many people in today’s society?

Some may think that feeding those in need is simply humanitarian aid and has nothing to do with religion, but as Christians we have been told we must show compassion to those in need, not just in thought but also in deed.


Luke 3 v 11 - And he (Jesus) answered them, “Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.”


As we see every day, feeding those in need is not limited to Christians. There are many good and generous people in this world, but if we are Christians we are commanded to help those in need.

Once more the church has become relevant, being able to provide food for those who need it.

As well as offering food parcels, we offer a chance for people to talk about their issues, offer prayer and invite them to our weekly services. This is not a condition of receiving food, but something extra that we can offer. This can help people come to terms with their situation and provide emotional and spiritual support.

To some the message of Jesus gives them hope, where at present they have no hope. The message of the gospel has remained unchanged for 2000 years and is just as relevant for people today.

The Foodbank is open on Monday’s from 12-3 at the Workmen’s Hall. We are a distribution centre for the main Foodbank located in Pontypool.

For more information click here.

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